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Lost In Time Shawl

January 28, 2018

In the past year, I taught one of my friends who knits to crochet. She picked it up unbelievably quickly and has inspired me to try new projects and techniques along side her. In her journey looking at crochet patterns, she was inspired by the Lost In Time shawl as a yarn stash buster and suggested we combine our yarn stashes to make some color palettes that worked well. Little did we know, this project is not so much a stash buster as it is a yarn hog…

The first two repeats came together really quickly, and we were motivated by how the design was shaping up! However, the last two repeats of the pattern dragged on. It was a combination of the increasingly lengthy rows and the lack of stitch counts to keep us on track, that we both ended up making some dire mistakes and needed to rip out numerous rows.

Though when mine was completed, I loved it. The autumnal color palette, the interesting stitch combinations, and the warm weight of the shawl made it feel worthwhile. It took a few evenings of movies to weave in all my ends, but overall I loved it. So, I started on a second one!

This monochrome version was a delight. I couldn’t stop staring at how the colors intertwined in the pattern through its construction, and I’m really happy with it. In order for the pattern to alternate colors appropriately, I did not change colors for the double row of sc’s prior to the initial popcorn stitches (rows 21 and 22 respectively). For this project unfortunately, I still ended up weaving all my ends because I didn’t have the insight to carry over my strings at the ends of my rows. Well, you live and learn!

If I end up needing a gift for someone, this is definitely a pattern I’ll consider making for them. In only one or two colors, it comes together more quickly because you won’t have to weave in the ends. It’s stunningly beautiful and is nicely challenging for an experienced crocheter.

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