Black Corduroy Rosari Skirt

May 11, 2018

This is a project that’s been a long time coming, mainly because it’s been on my to-do list for over a year! I was inspired to make the Rosari skirt after falling in love with Lladybird’s mustard corduroy version years ago. The use of corduroy with the vintage a-line is exactly what I wanted to add to my closet. And a nice, bad-ass version in black would be perfect to wear to concerts. So I snatched up this black corduroy to fulfill my bad-to-the-bone skirt dreams.

The fabric is impeccable. This is made up of Kaufmann’s corduroy, and feels beautifully medium-to-heavyweight. Its plush and thick, unlike some corduroys that I’ve worked with from Joann’s whose pile crushes down immediately. I spent days vacuuming my house from the amount of lint it produced when cut, but it was totally worth it. I admit to sitting there, petting the corduroy while making this skirt!

I enjoyed making this up. The pattern felt like it came together quite quickly. I used version A’s pockets and the midi length. The length ends up coming right to my knees, so the term midi is applied loosely. It kind of falls in an awkward spot on my frame, so in my next Rosari I’ll take it up an inch or two. Additionally, I probably won’t add the coin pocket to the pockets (not useful for the time it takes) and will extend the length of the pocket lining, mostly because I love deep pockets. I left out the belt loops on this version in the interest of time, but will probably make it up with belt loops in the future.

While the pattern calls for buttons, I’ve had a bit of an infatuation with snaps lately. I wanted something that felt as bad-ass as I wanted to feel in this skirt, so I hammered in some Dritz heavy duty snaps. It took some trial and error, but a combo of my awl and snip scissors made quick work of putting them in. And I felt much more secure in them lining up properly than buttons might allow! They definitely feel secure and I love the utilitarian feel they have. And, it’s a bonus that they jingle when they’re not secured. While adding the snaps, I might have stabbed my finger once with the awl… it just adds to the literal blood, sweat, and tears that go into making a garment though right?

I have some heavyweight red wool in my fabric stash, so maybe we’ll see another one of these once the seasons change again?

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