Red Rosari Skirt

March 8, 2019

Take two! I’ve had this rusty red stretch corduroy in my stash for quite some time now. It has been begging to be made in to a 70’s inspired skirt, and I struggled choosing between the Rosari skirt from Pauline Alice Patterns and the Salida skirt from True bias. What sealed the deal though ended up  being fabric quantity. It really feels like you can squeeze this skirt out from almost no fabric! 

This is the second corduroy that I’ve made, and I love the fit of this one. I found the first one to be a hair large and long, so I went down a size and changed the length. I was originally going to go with the “mini” versus the “midi” but when I held those pattern pieces up to my rear, saw that the mini was going to be a bit indecent. So, I added 2 inches! Lauren from Guthrie and Ghani has a great tutorial on how to alter the pattern pieces to lengthen/shorten it, so I’d recommend giving that a look if you’re interested.

On my first skirt, I used heavy duty snaps. I adore snapping and unsnapping them, but I ended up injuring myself by hammering my finger tips too many times while installing them the first time so I went with regular buttons on my second iteration. While I love the buttons, I still feel like the snaps look cleaner. No button holes wrinkling the front facing with snaps.

Again, I went with the traditional curved pockets, though this time I omitted the tiny coin pocket. I was going for efficiency, and really, who uses a coin pocket? I did however add belt loops to have the option of belting this skirt. I didn’t think I would miss them in my original black Rosari, but I found myself wanting them. Construction wise, I was initially confused as to how they were attached in the directions. After realizing they’re top stitched down after the waistband is assembled, versus going into the top of the waist band, it came together smoothly and I’m happy I added them.

So, I now have 3 corduroy skirts in my collection. Maybe too many? I think not, I will embrace the 70’s vibes and continue to add to it. Up next, maybe a big, billowy disco dress? Why not?

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