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Lander Shorts

September 5, 2019

This is another fun, weekend sew! The Lander Pants/Shorts have long been on my to-sew list. There are a lot of beautiful, effortlessly stylish makes that others have done so I had to dip my toe into the wonderful world of sewing bottoms.

I’ve sewn only one other pair of pants. A pair of brown, corduroy bellbottoms for Ian to wear as shaggy. They were a hot mess. My machine gave up on the button hole (he had to wear them with a safety pin), and the nap went two different directions on the front vs. the back. But, my fly zip looked great!

Having the Lander Pants Sew Along available to guide me through the sewing and fitting process was fantastic. I followed the advice on when to try things on and fit them, and overall I feel like these turned out pretty good!

The excess waistband in question.

I ended up grading between sizes, which wasn’t too difficult. The only fit problem I have with them is a gaping waistband at the small of my back. When I’m brave enough to make full pants out of these, I’m going to draft a curved waistband to resolve this issue.

I really like the look of the button fly. However, with the linen I chose to make these out of it pulls awkwardly. This might be better with a more structured fabric (as they advise), but I was being adventurous and making these out of a Joann Fabrics remnant.

Even though these aren’t perfect, I’m happy to have a pair of shorts that actually fit me well. They don’t pull uncomfortably in the crotch, are not uncomfortably short, and overall feel more adult than many of the other RTW shorts.