Autumnal Kalle

September 12, 2019

This make has sealed it, the Closet Case Patterns Kalle pattern is one of my favorites by far.

I was able to squeeze this shirt out of some leftover flannel after making Ian a button-up. I ran out of fabric and had to improvise and finish the bottom with bias tape instead of the facing, but it’s perfect. The shape is modern and not stuffy for a button up shirt, the sleeve is easy as pie, and it’s a joy to make.

I went with a full button placket rather than a popover since it’s easier and faster for me to sew. And lets be honest, I was just whipping this bad boy together on a weekend.

I lengthened the pattern by 2 inches this time, as I’m not a crop-top-comfortable girl. The extra length is just perfect, it comes right to the top of my pants without exposing any skin.

I didn’t have enough buttons on hand, so I used some old snaps leftover from my grandma’s stash to fasten the front together. Recently, I’ve been really enjoying using snaps instead of buttons. There’s something so bad-ass and satisfying about hammering into your garment!

How many more Kalle’s can I make before it becomes ridiculous? 🙂