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Coppelia Wrapigan

September 26, 2019

Yes, it’s called a cardigan on the pattern. But my husband insists it’s a wrapigan, combo of a wrap and cardigan. To each their own.

I think I was drawn to the Coppelia wrap cardi due to the ballet-style. I did ballet for nearly a decade as a kid, and have a big soft spot for dance-inspired clothing. This pattern screams, “wear me during barre!” and oh I wish I could.

I used this lightweight jersey from Fabric.com for my make. It’s wonderfully soft and supple, absolutely the perfect fabric for wrapping yourself up in. It has quite a bit of stretch, so it allows body-hugging wrap without stretching out of shape.

The pattern came together quite quickly for me. I have a serger, so I had no problem with zipping through it. The only tricky part I had was figuring out whether or not to stretch out the bottom of the cardigan to match up with the ties. I ultimately ended up cutting it off and reattaching it, with stretching, after it didn’t match up. That’s what I get for going for gold with the serger though!

I’m not sure if I’ll end up making another one of these. With such a distinct style, there isn’t much of a need for this in my closet. I can see myself wearing this in the gym this winter, however. I’ll look like a goddamn weight lifting ballerina, and which I’m totally cool with.

Coppelia in action, hiking Grand Teton National Park!