Mustard Laurel Dress

Mustard Laurel Dress

I love the design of the Laurel. It’s simple, streamlined shift dress pattern has 3/4 sleeves (my favorite), and a sleek design. I fell in love with Fiona’s black Laurel, and wanted to create my own. I picked out my fabric based on the recommendations, and was ready to liven up my wardrobe of natural colors with a pop of mustard.

Unfortunately, this dress has turned into one of those dresses that theoretically should have been great, but just flopped. It doesn’t feel flattering when I wear it at all. I had to take in the hips by 1/2 in on each side because it was ballooning around me, and now it clings to my stomach and makes me feel 20 lbs heavier. It was doing this before my alteration, but afterwards it was much worse. I’m admittedly pulling in my stomach as much as possible for these photos, for the sake of my dignity.

Adding a belt makes it better! But something about it makes it miss the mark.  The crepe should have been nice and drapey, allowing for a cozy shift dress to wear with tights and boots. Instead it ends up just, blah. I’m contemplating chopping off the bottom, opening up the side seams, and making this a top in an attempt to save it. Only time will tell! Until then, this sits in the back of my closet.

In the future, I may try this pattern again in a black crepe to try and create my own Laurel like Fiona’s. I fear it’ll take many more alterations to make it into something I’ll feel comfortable in. I’m considering loosening the hips again so it’s not sitting on my tum, and taking in the waist and back darts for a more flattering fit. But for now, it goes on the back burner while I try and alter the Archer to be my perfect shirt!