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Star Trek: TNG Skant

This project has been a really long time coming. One of the first photos I saw of my husband was of him at a convention in a Star Trek uniform, and I thought, “aw look at that adorable nerd.” I had no idea that some 6 years later, I’d be suiting up in my own […]

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Lost In Time Shawl

In the past year, I taught one of my friends who knits to crochet. She picked it up unbelievably quickly and has inspired me to try new projects and techniques along side her. In her journey looking at crochet patterns, she was inspired by the Lost In Time shawl as a yarn stash buster and […]

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Nintendo Switch Bag

One of the great things about the Nintendo Switch is that it can be used on the go. We end up taking ours to breweries and play games with friends. This means we also occasionally bring the pro controller, charging pack, and other accessories. Bringing all this around in a non-padded tote bag with all […]

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Birb Button Up – Vogue 8772

Don’t worry, my commitment to building my basics in my closet will soon shift away from button up blouses. But look at how nice they’ve been turning out! The more I sew them, the more I learn to enjoy each and every piece. The familiar motions were perfect for getting me through the home stretch […]

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